Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dropping Jeremy At The MTC

Today we had the opportunity to take Jeremy to the MTC.
We picked him up at the airport and ended up having a lot of extra time.  We decided to see a few sights on Temple Square before heading to Provo.
They were re-doing the carpet in the entire Conference Center.  I would NOT want to be in charge of doing that job.

The lady who was giving us the tour was telling us some very interesting things about the artwork.

If you look very closely, you can see us reflected in that mirror.

Jeremy really wanted to visit this, so I'm glad we made it just in time!

The two of us.

Standing in front of the temple.  He was really sad that we didn't have time for a session.

This is right before we left him at the Missionary Training Center.  There were several missionaries there to help him with his bags and welcome him.

He was very excited to go and serve!  He kept on wanting to leave and start his mission.

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